We all know that wearing hair extensions are quite in these days and almost every one of us has a have piece of one or two hair extensions in our grooming kit. With changing habits, fashion and taste there is an ever increasing demand of hair extensions especially custom colored hair extensions.

Thus, there is no denying that custom colored hair extensions in this era are highly requested by many clients who visit the salons. It is clearly evident that clients want fun colors that are unique to them and make them look apart and smart. You may wonder what is a custom color hair extension? Actually, the custom color hair extensions are made according to clients’ personalized instructions and are added to their natural hair. You may also be interested in coloring your extensions. You need not worry because it is possible to custom color your hair extensions and get your color goals with great ease.

With the availability of hair extensions of very high quality, you are now in a good position to easily color your hair extensions to your preferred color to achieve a specific and unique custom color transformation. This can be done without damaging or making the hair extensions fade. Many think that getting a custom colored hair extension is a troublesome task and it may involve different tricks or it is very expensive but trust me! Custom colored hair extensions are a product of a very simple and easy process! All you have to do is to simply pick the lightest blonde shade that is available after which you color with your preferred color. When it comes to coloring hair extensions, using the lightest blonde color gives the best results for it will easily bring out your desired color. Such hair extensions tend to take color much compared to others.

You can now easily color hair extensions instead of your own natural hair and enjoy the latest color trend. Below are the steps to guide you in achieving your desired color transformation that you cannot easily achieve with your natural hair.

First, you will have to gather the following tools for the process:

  • Some hair clips
  • Tint brush
  • Bowl
  • Gloves
  • A hair comb

The amount of color you will need depends on the texture as well as the length of the hair extension hence varies. The table below serves as a guide of estimating the amount of color required.



Light Colors

Dark Colors

Very Short


½ tube

¼ tube



1 tube

½ tube



2 tubes

1 tube



3 tubes

2 tubes

Very Long


4+ tubes

3+ tubes

Step One: Lightening

You need to lighten your hair using your most preferred type of powder lightener and crème developer to make it very light pale blonde. This leads in removing any yellow coloration in the hair. After that you need to thoroughly rinse with your choice of color care shampoo that is sulfate-free and also condition it with a protecting conditioner. Ensure that fully dry your hair .

Step Two: Color Application

Apply your preferred color using a tint brush. Using a tint brush is very easy and the color gets applied with minimum efforts. You can do this better by taking two sections and ensure you apply from the roots to the ends. Process the hair for approximately 20 minutes without using heat. Once done, rinse thoroughly using very cool water then shampoo, condition and apply protecting color care spray to make it long last.

Step Three: Sectioning Out the Hair

After the hair completely dries up, section it out in preparation for installation of the preferred hair extensions.

Step Four: Apply Lightener to the Extensions

It is highly recommended that you choose hair extensions that have a very light shade (most preferably pale blonde). Prepare the lightener and apply it to help in removing any coating or color that might me on the extension. Ensure you apply it evenly for a better and natural look then allow it to process for about five minutes.

Step Five: Rinsing the Hair Extensions

Once the 5 minutes of processing are over, thoroughly rinse the hair extensions with water then apply a good hair shampoo and allow these hair extensions to dry completely.

Step Six: Applying Color to the Hair Extension

Choose your desired custom color and apply on the hair extension. Allow it to process for about 20 minutes without applying heat. After that, rinse it with water and shampoo, and allow it to dry.

Step Seven: Fix the Extensions

Once your hair and the hair extensions dry, you can go ahead and fix the extensions. You need to section your natural hair in order to allow for proper placement of the hair extensions. Clip the extensions firmly in the selected area then style it as desired.

Final words:

Overall, custom hair extensions are a great way to enhance your looks and make your hair look gorgeous. Coloring the hair extensions is very easy to do and its definitely worth trying. It enhances your overall appearance and makes you feel good about your hair and your looks! Thus it’s surely a confidence booster that adds to your overall personality.

So friends, it’s time to custom color your hair extensions and look stunning!