Women wear their hair like crowns, and rightly so. When you invest a lot of time and effort into your mane, it's only natural that you take great pride in it. Hair is our ultimate accessory: it can make us look sexy, demure, glamorous, elegant or professional We can change it to match our outfits or according to our mood! We can experiment with different colors, cuts and styles. When our hair looks good, we feel good - it's a scientifically proven fact (probably).

With that being said, it's quite possible that there is no woman on the earth who is a hundred percent satisfied with her hair. It's never straight, curly, shiny, long, smooth or photogenic enough for our liking. We are always looking for new products, hair styles and tricks that will make our hair style look Instagram-worthy. After all, in this digital age, if your look is not perfect, you better not even leave the house lest you want your flat hair to end up on social media.

It’s right that one of the most common issues we have with our hair is the lack of volume. Big hair equals big sex appeal. And having flat, thin, lackluster looks give our self-confidence no favors.  

Fortunately, there are ways to give our tresses a boost. Let's take a look at our options!

1. Teasing

If you like to do it the old-fashioned way, take a teasing comb and get to work. You can choose to tease just certain sections of your hair or do it all over. It's especially useful for updos of all kinds - elegant chignons, messy buns, top knots, twists, you name it. But it can also give your retro style blow dry a glamorous 50's vibe, along with tons and tons of volume.

But be careful! Too much teasing can severely damage your hair, so don't do it on a daily basis and be sure to always use a good conditioner.

Pros: Long lasting volume. Teased hair lasts for a long time - until you wash and comb it. It's also fairly quick to do and it works every time.

Cons: Combing it out is quite the hassle to put it mildly. If you have fine hair that easily tangles, you should probably look for another way to give your hair volume - that won't damage your tresses in the process.

Teasing might have been your grandmother's method of choice, but thankfully today we have options that are a lot more comfortable and much less damaging, such as→

2. Hair Extensions

Hair extensions, both the tape in and clip in kind, are a great way of adding volume as well as length to your hair. They are also the most natural-looking option on this list. Because if you choose them right, they will look just like your own hair, but fuller, longer and healthier. And isn't that what we are all looking for?

Extensions also give you great freedom in terms of styling your hair. You can let it down, tie it in a ponytail or a messy bun, braid it or even curl it using heat styling tools.

If you want a stellar look, you need to choose extensions that match the texture and color of your hair. You want them to perfectly blend in for a natural look – extensions that are contrasting with your natural hair are never a good idea.

Pros: They give you volume and length. Using extensions, you can pretty much double both and look as if you woke up like that.

Cons: Extensions take a bit of getting used to, but once you do, they will be your favorite beauty secret!

3. Braid it for the night

Braiding your hair for the night is an old-school way of giving it extra oomph and a romantic look. It’s as easy as it gets and, unless you braid it while it’s still too wet, beautiful waves and extra volume are guaranteed.

Pro: Braiding your hair is super easy, and anyone can invest 5 minutes of their time to wake up with a head of romantic loose beach waves the next day.

Con: Braid waves don't last very long, and the smallest bit of rain or humidity can ruin your glamorous look in minutes.

4. Blow dry upside down

If you want to add volume to your roots, blow drying your hair upside down is one of the best ways to do it. Be sure to use a moderate heat setting to avoid damaging your tresses.

Pros: Lifts your hair from the roots, giving your entire hairdo a fuller, healthier look.

Cons: Bending over and staying in an upside down position for 20 minutes while blow drying your hair is a tedious process. Using a hair dryer, especially on a heat setting, can cause heat damage to your hair. So be careful and don't use it too frequently!

5. Style with a Round Brush

Styling your hair with a round brush is a quick and efficient way to give it more volume. If you are a pro, itcan be done and out the door in about 10 minutes. But if you've never used one before, it can take some time to figure it out. A round brush will give you a nice lift at the roots and help you achieve a polished, glamorous look. Use it for work meetings, job interviews and formal occasions!

Pros: A great tool for professional and formal hairdos.

Cons: It requires at least some experience and doesn't give a long-lasting effect.

Now that we’ve taken a look at the different ways of making your hair more voluminous, do share with us which one is your favorite! Are you a fan of practical and glamorous extensions? Do you like old-school teasing and braiding? Or do you prefer to use heat styling tools? What is your favorite way of adding volume to your hair? Welcome to share your opinion to us.