The Ultimate Guide Of Clip In Hair Extensions In 2019

The best way to give your hair a major make over look is to go for a clip in extension. It changes the look of your hair without going through drastic measures; highlighting, lowlighting, color changing and other stuff. Quite easy-to-attach, clip-in wefts are worn by beginners and advanced extensions users alike. It is also one of the cheapest and most durable extension types, which also adds to its popularity and high demand.

There's no reversal from going all out, for instance, when you cut your hair low into a bob, it's hard for you to rock a ponytail the next day, or chopping off your luscious locks and not being able to get it into a long curly one. Clip-in extensions are one of the most popular forms of extensions in the hair industry.

They are available in the market as they come in different weights, lengths and variety of colors. It is available for everyone as there is always a clip in extension to suit your needs.

Here is all you need to know when you buy a clip in hair extensions.

Clip in Extensions Features

  1. They are quick to fix: Unlike other extensions were you have to sew in, weave in, fuse in or glue in, the clip in extensions are very quick to fix on to your hair when you're in a hurry. There's also no need for a maintenance appointment or a lengthy fixing that other extensions come with. In other words, within minutes you can add color and length to your hair.
  2. They are easy: Are you beginner to the world of fixing extensions? Then, the clip in extensions is the one for you. It doesn't require lengthy commitment periods in the salon and is not quite as complex or complicated as the other variety of extensions. They are so easy to apply that you practically don't need outside help to fix it on your head.
  3. They require no additional tools: Unlike other extensions that need tools like sticky tapes, heat, and goopy glues for application on the hair. All you need for you to apply the clip in extensions on your hair is the clip in extensions itself, part your hair and separate it, then push in the clip in extensions, attach the wefts with a small comb and snap the clip down into place.
  4. They have versatility in color: You can perfectly blend in colors into it without directly touching your hair scalps. In other words, you can experiment with more than one color on your hair. If you want to go Ombré, then Ombré it is, if you want to go coloring then be our guest. All this can be achieved with your clip in extensions, it's like taking a risk without losing anything.
  5. They flow in seamlessly: Most clip in extensions are made with real, human hair which makes them fit right at home on your hair. They just give off that natural flow, and since they come in various colors it means that whatever color your hair is, there's a color to perfectly suit you. Apply it to your hair and no one would be able to tell the difference between them both.

Clip in hair extensions are the least damaging of all hair extension types. They are temporary and incur less risk unlike their permanent counterparts. So, you can remove them anytime you want to and put it back anytime you feel like it without much hassle or stress. Don't stress yourself too much we've got you covered.

We will be dealing with some of the Frequently asked questions on getting a clip in hair extensions.

  • How Long Do Clip-In Hair Extensions Last?

    As long as you're not sleeping with your clip in hair extensions attached overnight and don't wear them constantly then you've got yourself a good deal on your hands. Clip in hair extensions last longer than any other types of extensions. They can last up to six months and even longer when you have a good maintenance routine.

    • Do Clip in hair extensions cause Hair loss?

      The answer is Yes and No. That sounds confusing, right? Let's simplify it for you.

      Here is why we said yes. Wearing clip in hair extensions everyday or for a really long period of time can cause tensions on your hair strands and cause it to break, the best thing about clip in hair extensions is that you can always take them out to avoid causing excess damage. Sleeping in your clip in hair extensions will also cause damages to your hair, because as you roll, tussle, and turn at night you will be pulling the hair and putting strains on the clips. This in turn leads to the snapping and breaking off of hair, which will also lead to patches and gradual hair loss.

      Now, here is why we said no. Most clip in hair extensions have little rubber strip on them which stops the hair extensions from slipping off the hair and gives them a better grip on your hair without snagging or snapping it. The strong hold grip that it has on your hair is less damaging as it does not pull or snag at your hair unnecessarily. Clip in hair extensions have several clips on each wefts to help evenly distribute the weight making them safer for your hair. There is also a provision to sew extra clips to your wefts to evenly distribute the weight even further if you have super fine hair.

      • How long can you wear them for?

      You can wear them every day but not daily as the wear and tear will tell on it. But if you most absolutely wear your extensions every now and again, please remove them when you’re sleeping and keep them in good condition so that they won’t damage your hair at all.

      • How much do clip in hair extensions cost?

      Prices differ from place to place but the average price of clip in hair extensions range in the following; The price of hair extension varies a lot based on hair weight. You can get hair for as low as $30, assuming weight or length is not an issue. Most women will buy 20″ length hair extensions weighting 100g – 240g.

      From as low as $80 to as high as $300, you are sure to get the best clip in hair extensions anytime and anywhere.

      • What are the best brands of clip in hair extensions?

      Arguably, all hair manufacturers will claim that they sell the most perfect, most affordable, and greatest hair extensions, but as users and consumers, we know that it's mostly marketing strategy. There are a lot of wacky hair extensions stores but there are also some of the best hair stores available to give you the very best.

      Here are some clip in hair extension brands that have been proven to be the best. In no particular order we present the following; Luxy Hair, Bellami Hair, AmazingbeautyhairGlam Seamless, Irresistible Me.


      • How Often should you wash your clip in hair extensions?

      The less often you wash your hair extensions, the better and longer they will last overtime. We suggest and highly recommend that you wash your hair extensions every 15 to 20 wears, or more than depending on the amount of hair care products that you use and apply on them. Clip in hair extensions don't feed off the essential and natural oils of your scalp, this means that they don't get oily and greasy like your natural hair, which in turn means they should not be washed often. The only reason you have to wash you clip in hair extensions is to get rid of the excess product buildup so that it keeps on being refreshed and renewed after its 15th or 20th wear.

      • Can you swim in your clip in hair extensions?

      No! Never! Nada! Well, yes, only if you want to buy another one. The most important rule of clip in hair extensions is to never wear it while swimming or taking a shower. As long as water is involved and it is not in the process of getting washed, it should never be gotten into water. You can only get it into the water if it is tied up and away from getting wet, or if you are ready to get a brand new clip in hair extension.


      There you go, all you need to know about the clip in hair extensions.