Summer is one of the best seasons when people get time for themselves. It is always considered the perfect time for glamorous parties at the beach, working out, vacations, swimming out in the cool waters, outdoor sports, going out to the beaches, and even camping. However, during this period, the weather is usually dry and hot which brings in a lot of dust. As a result of the heat and dryness, most people choose to wear light clothes and sandals or any other preferred open shoes.  Now let us come to think about what to do with your hair. Wearing tape in hair extensions is the best option to lighten you up! If you are set to enjoy your summer to the fullest, make sure that you need to remember and include thin invisible hair extensions in your package.

Wearing tape in hair extensions during summer is highly recommended due to various reasons. Due to the fact that an extension requires little maintenance, it gives you a chance to be free and comfortable to enjoy your outdoor activities without having to care so much about your hair. If you have already used hair extensions before, then you must have experienced the amazing difference brought about by the luxurious extensions especially to your appearance as well as your self-confidence.

As you make up plans on how to spend the super hot summer, it is prudent to trade your frizzy hair for very cute braids and high ponytails! If you have ever tried wearing other types of extensions like the clip in hair extensions during summer, you will definitely agree that they are too hot and too bulky for the summer. It is time to go for a set of hair extensions that cannot get damaged easily and allows you to swim and perform all other activities without worrying about your hair. Wearing tape in hair extensions guarantees you more time to enjoy the gorgeous summer weather without spending too much time making your hair.

Tape-in hair extensions are the best choice of extensions for summer time due to the following reasons:

1. Invisibility/Natural Look

Tape-in hair extensions cannot be compared to the common clip-in hair extensions you know of. In fact, they are the most suitable hair extensions for summertime hair beauty. First, this type of extension is invisible and nobody would know you are wearing it. The strong tape doesn’t damage easily and lays flat and holds firmly to your head in a manner that it blends with your own hair seamlessly. In whichever state your hair may be; wet or dry; styled or not; clipped, pulled up in a bun or a ponytail, the tape-in hair extensions cannot be easily detected by the public. They give you 100% natural and amazing look because they are made of healthy human hair that blends well with your own hair.

2. Lightweight and Very Comfortable

Unlike the common clipped in hair type of extensions, tape-in hair extensions aren’t hulky hence weigh much lighter. This feature makes the tape-in hair extensions suitable for summer and guarantees much comfort during the hot weather. You can wear them for a whole day without feeling discomfort or bothered in any way. The tape is made of very light material and doesn’t cling on to the scalp hence makes you feel good at the same time improves your look. During summer, the tape-in hair extensions are the best choice for they do not make you sweat because of their lightweight, therefore, this ensures youhair remains moisturized and do not lose its appeal. The lightweight feature also ensures the extension doesn’t pull your hair hence prevents damage. You will hardly feel them because they are thin.

3. Sweat proof/Waterproof

Summer is full of outdoor activity and the tape-in hair extensions will always go perfectly with the active lifestyle. During this season, sweat is inevitable due to the warm temperatures and the high levels of humidity. The tape-in hair extensions are waterproof and remain unaffected by sweat. You can comfortably swim, dive into the water pool or play under a waterfall or in the waves without having to worry about your hair because this type of extension always stays perfectly in place. The hair color also won’t fade where water is chlorinated and the texture too will not change. You also need not be bothered with the rainstorms that are likely to catch up with you on your summer days out. Tape-in hair extensions always maintain their perfect and gorgeous luster irrespective of the prevailing weather, whether sunshine or rain.

4.Confidence Booster

Every woman wears hair extensions with the sole aim of boosting their confidence levels through their appearance. Tape in hair extensions will definitely improve your confidence. It gets to increase the hair’s length as well as its volume and this will make you feel amazing without much struggle.

5. Easy to Use and Style

The tapes in hair extensions are easy to attach and do not take a lot of your time when fixing them. Unlike the synthetic hair extensions that can’t be straightened or curled, tape in hair extensions do not limit you’re your desire to have different summer hairstyles because they can be straightened and curled. Your choice of styling is solely up to you! However, you need to be very cautious to avoid damaging them by using protection just like you normally do for your natural hair. Tape in hair extensions can be styled into ponytails, braids, and many other styles that suit you and they will still guarantee you a natural look.  

6. Reusable

Tape-in hair extensions can last you all summer because they are reusable. In fact, you can reuse them three to four times and they do not lose their elegant look.

Every time you remove the hair extension, it is up to you to decide on reuse it again by just adding a new tape! For better results, it would be better to visit your preferred hair salon to make use you get them fixed perfectly. The hair extensions can be slid out then later re-taped and used again whenever wanted for a whole year! It is highly recommended to go the tape-in hair extensions that come with medical grade surgical tape and a hair extension remover that is organic coconut-oil-based. Such a combination is of top-quality tape. The gentle remover ensures that sticky residue isn’t left on the wefts and it also prevents damage to your own hair.

If you long for a kicky summer look, you can get yourself some blonde tape-in hair extensions that are bright colored (pink, blue, green, purple, etc.) and place fix them in specific spots around your head. This can give you a temporary summer look and beauty about it is that you can change back the colored extensions to the “traditional” any time you would want/need to make your hair more subtle.

7. Long-lasting/Durable

Summertime should be one that gives you freedom from the usual frequent visits to your hair salon. Going for the tape-in hair extensions would be the best choice for they can last for up to three months (the whole summer period). These hair extensions are the “must-have hair accessory” you need for an active summer lifestyle. The truth is that they are actually a dream-come-true for every individual who wants to fully enjoy a day-in, day-out, glamorous and fabulous summer look. You are sure of a summer with a no-fuss, no-muss routine. The tape-in hair extensions last longer and they are invisible, reusable, lightweight, and waterproof/sweat proof – everything required of them to push you throughout the summer season.

Irrespective of your definition for “summer plans,” or “summer activities”, the sole goal is to always engage confidently. Going for the tape-in hair extensions gives you the freedom you need to immerse yourself fully in your summer looking glamorous. Despite the fact that they are quite expensive compared to the synthetic types of extensions, they are very economical in the long run for the last longer and can be reused over and over again. The tape method allows you to occasionally take them out after which you can re-tape them back in again up to three times.

8.Require Low Maintenance

Taking care of or maintaining the tape in hair extension is quite easy because they normally don’t pull by themselves. They are waterproof/sweat proof and you can comfortably swim and work out without fearing that they will get tangled or lose their color and fine texture. However you should take caution and always ensure the never come into contact with sulfate products and alcohol for they are going to damage the extension.

 Having learned why tape-in extensions are suitable for summertime, here are some super tips on how to take good care of them:

  • After fixing them, you have to wait for at least two days before you wash the extension. This helps in ensuring that the tape holds completely and hence avoids slipping accidentally.
  • Don’t excessive amounts of heat on your hair extension.
  • Make a visit to your tape-in hair extensions salon for advice where need arises.
  • While removing the tape-in hair extension, gently oil it then give it time for the adhesive to break. After that, it will be quite easy to remove the extension. 
  • Regularly wash and condition your tape-in hair extension just as you would do with your hair.
  • Avoid using shampoos that contain alcohol and sulfates.
  • Always brush your hair extension thoroughly from the front all the way to the bottom.